Monday, June 8, 2015

read, write, wonder, create, explore, adventure - Summer Reading 2015

Dear Parents,

My wish for all students this summer is that they would have lots of time to read, write, wonder, create, explore and adventure.

Keeping a little journal over the summer can be a wonderful way to document your months off. Children can fill it with things they wonder about, books they want to read, doodles, poetry, stories, quotes, big ideas, places they have visited. I love this idea to fancy up a plain journal. All you need is a sharpie to create some interesting patterns.

We plan to take our wonder journal with us to the library to help us remember the things we wanted to read about. Currently, my son is wondering about everything and anything, so I suspect we will be spending a lot of time in the animals and dinosaurs section at the Calgary Public Library.

Speaking of the Public Library, I have really encouraged all students to make getting a library card a top priority this summer. Not only can you take bags full of books out for free, you will also gain access to a huge E-Library with thousands of e-books and audiobooks for your travels. You could be away all summer, and still take out books and audiobooks from the Calgary Public Library through the Overdrive app wherever you are in the world. And membership is free for children and adults! (if you live in the MD of Foothills or Okotoks - there is a nominal fee to get a card at the Okotoks Library).

All students will come home with a Summer Reading checklist, which includes reading challenges, interesting places to read, great apps and websites, and a space to record books they are excited to read.

Please use the booklists on the site as a starting point to find great books for your child to read this summer. My hope is that one book leads to another and then another and then another. Starting with the "read the first book in a series" challenge will help with that!

I would love to receive book reviews over the summer. Students can email anytime.

Have a wonderful summer!

Ms. Chapman