Monday, June 16, 2014

Battle Bunny

Battle Bunny is an awesome new book from superstar authors Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett, and illustrated by Matthew Myers (and Alex!)

Blurb from Goodreads:

Alex has been given a saccharine, sappy, silly-sweet picture book about Birthday Bunny that his grandma found at a garage sale. Alex isn't interested - until he decides to make the book something he'd actually like to read. So he takes out his pencil, sharpens his creativity, and totally transforms the story!

Birthday Bunny becomes Battle Bunny, and the rabbit's innocent journey through the forest morphs into a supersecret mission to unleash an evil plan - a plan that only Alex can stop.

Featuring layered, original artwork that emphasizes Alex's additions, this dynamic exploration of creative storytelling is sure to engage and inspire.

Fun Activity Alert!

With one of the Grade 4 classes, we worked on creating our own twist on Birthday Bunny with a printed copy of the un-edited story from

Some students even used discarded books from our library and made their own Battle Bunny inspired write-over stories, which were absolutely hilarious.

This would be such a fun rainy day activity this summer with kids in Grades 4-6. I'll be scouring garage sales for sappy sweet books to use for this activity next year :)

If you create a particularly awesome Birthday Bunny rewrite this summer, you can email them, and they might appear here along with other student creations on the Birthday Bunny Tumblr .

Happy creating! I'd love to see your creations in September!

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