Friday, September 7, 2012

Student Review - So B. It by Sarah Weeks

Thank you Grace for reading and reviewing So B. It by Sarah Weeks. I know Grace also read Pie by the same author (great book!) so it is wonderful to hear she wanted to read more by this author. If you want to learn more about the author, you can read about her on her website by clicking here.

Grace says:

I read a book this summer called So Be It by Sarah Weeks.

It's a book about a girl named Heidi who is 13 and her mom has brain damage. Heidi and her mom live in an apartment and their next door neighbor Bernadette helps Heidi and her mom (who claims her name is So Be It) but the problem is that Bernadette has a phobia of going outside. 

Thank goodness there is  a little door that connects the rooms. Heidi's mom, So Be It, keeps saying one word that no one can figure out "Soof". 

Heidi finds some old photos of her mom in New York in a disability center and Heidi thinks that center has the key to the word Soof .  So, Heidi sets out to New York to get answers. 

Soon So Be It gets really sick and Bernadette needs Heidi to come  home but will Heidi make it in time? I think girls in grades 5 and 6 that like stories about challenges in life will enjoy this story.