Thursday, June 21, 2012

Student Book Review: Alia loves Lunch Lady!

Enjoying Lunch Lady in the Sunshine

Lunch Lady Graphic Novel Series by Jarrett Krosockza

I hope to feature lots of student book reviews on the blog over the summer. If you want to write about a book you loved, just send your review to me by email.

I am so excited to have my first book review already, and school has only been out for students one day! Thank you to Alia for your enthusiastic review of Jarrett Krosockza's Lunch Lady Graphic Novel Series.

Alia says: "I loved the series Lunch Lady.  I like it because Lunch Lady (she is the main character) always says funny sayings such as 'peas and carrots'.  That means that everything went wrong."

Ms. Chapman says: I bet you would love Jarrett Krosockza's website. You can be inspired by looking at his childhood artwork and first books written as a child, read many variations of his biography, learn how to pronounce his last name, download some fun activities and colouring pages, and even play video games!

Thanks again Alia! Happy Reading!

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